Strategic Analysis Enterprises, Inc.

Strategic Analysis Enterprises (SAE), Inc. specializes in national decision support solutions. We provide cutting edge quantitative and qualitative analysis enabling customers to understand, forecast, and influence individual and group behavior. To perform such analyses, we employ state of the art natural language processing and entity extraction techniques to generate data in near-real time on political events, group's and governments' behavior, and individuals' and groups' sentiment. Our tools and analyses have been used by US government clients such as the Department of Defense, PACOM, the Joint Staff, and Strategic Command to support strategic planning and actions.

Our multidisciplinary team of scientists uniquely prepares us to deliver custom solutions for complex situations and scenarios. Our diverse staff has extensive experience in software development, data collection and management, measurement design, and quantitative methodologies. We bring academic methodologies and tools to bear on real world practical problems to generate actionable solutions for our customers