About SAE

SAE was founded in March 2008, with the goal of providing decision support analysis for the US government and other commercial clients. Since then SAE has created new software to extract political behavior, sentiment, and emotions from text (including but not limited to electronic news stories and blogs). Under Dr. Shellman's guidance, SAE has developed statistical models to forecast events of interest such as rebellions and outbreaks of ethnic-religious violence six months to a year in advance with over 80% accuracy.

SAE's substantive expertise covers a wide range of topics, such as social science theory, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, pragmatics, semantics, software engineering, quantitative methodologies, political conflict analysis, and specialized regional political knowledge. To date, we've worked on many government high-profile projects delivering results across a wide range of environments with accuracy and efficiency. We strive to be an industry leader in data collection efforts relevant to national and international security and quantitative methodologies as we grow and expand our customer base.