Xenophon is SAE's next generation event coder. Xenophon is an automated events data tool, designed to extract who does what to whom as reported in electronic text. Building on the established computational linguistics and artificial intelligence literature, Xenophon moves towards richer semantics (more than just "subject" and "object") for each event. Xenophon has been used for academic and industry purposes, including AFRL and ONR contracts. Read more about the academic work in our publications page.


Pathos is SAE's automated sentiment analysis tool. The Pathos sentiment engine is designed to extract popular and author sentiment from electronic sources such as blogs. Other sentiment tools use a bag-of-words approach (just count positive and negative words) and can only calculate the overall valence of an article. Pathos goes a step further, providing fine grain information about dyadic sentiment between two entities. Pathos also identifies sentiment expressed by the author toward other entities or issues. Both of these data can be used to study or predict how attitudes yield shifts in group goals, tactics, and strategies.

Quantitative Modeling

SAE offers cutting edge quantitative analysis of data via statistical, non-parametric, and other types of empirical models. We specialize in a wide range of applied statistical models, Bayesian statistics, and counterfactual methods of analysis.